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To schedule your free sample edit, email: stephanieelliot@gmail.com

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Elliot is interested in your writing! As a passionate editor and writer, she would love the opportunity to assist you in editing your completed manuscript. Stephanie was a journalism major and has been writing for magazines and the internet for longer than she's ready to admit. She writes on topics such as parenting, mental health issues, relationships and books. Stephanie is also the author of the young adult novel, Sad Perfect. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband and their three children. For more info, visit www.stephanieelliot.com.

Her writing has been featured on: NEDA, Your Teen, Teen Strong, The Fix, Parents, Romper, The Stir, Cafe Mom, Eat This Not That, SheKnows.com, She Reads and more. Her query letter for Sad Perfect was featured in 'Successful Queries' in Writer's Digest.


You'll find testimonials from satisfied clients here, along with editorial information on what she's looking for in a client and partner. Read on to find out how you can connect. 

To schedule your free sample edit, email: stephanieelliot@gmail.com

What you will get
if you work with Stephanie:

If you’re considering Stephanie’s editorial services, she is interested in the following genres: contemporary YA and adult, women’s fiction, chick lit, middle grade, contemporary fiction, suspense, inspiration, memoir, self-help and motivational. She will consider mature adult, horror, fantasy. 


Stephanie insists on doing a free sample edit for all of her clients. This is an important stage in the process of finding the right editor for your work. You’re invited to submit 10-15 pages that are double-spaced, 12-point font. She works in Microsoft word’s TRACK CHANGES. Her turnaround time for your sample edit is usually 24 hours or less.


Stephanie prides herself on making your manuscript a priority and never schedules two books at once. Her usual turnaround time to complete a book edit runs anywhere between one to three weeks, depending on word count, of course. Before an edit begins, there will be a deadline agreed upon. Stephanie also shares updates on her editing progress during the time she is reading and working on your book. After an edit is completed, she is always happy to have a telephone consult to go over her edits.


Along with your manuscript edit, Stephanie always includes an editorial letter, and this letter usually runs anywhere between 8–15 pages. This includes initial thoughts, general comments, a section on each individual chapter, repeated or overused phrases and words, final/overall comments. This is a comprehensive letter that complements comments/ changes/adds made within your manuscript pages.


What does she look for in a manuscript edit? Stephanie will confirm your timeline of your story, misspelled words, pop culture references, grammatical errors, punctuation, errors in formatting for dialogue, overused phrases and words. Stephanie confirms your characters’ eye color, hair color, clothing, and their mannerisms to make sure it stays consistent throughout the book. She confirms spelling of names, places, etc. for consistency. She checks everything! And she asks the tough questions if she’s unsure about something! She plays the devil’s advocate when editing – asking the questions that she thinks readers would ask or wonder about when they are reading the final version. She works hard to make sure there is consistency and believability throughout your manuscript. 


Finally, Stephanie believes that the author is the owner of the words, and respects all of her clients’ work. She will offer suggestions for improving your manuscript but truly believes that the author has the final say in any changes. You can be assured that Stephanie’s attention to detail, professional experience and quick turnaround will result in a collaborated effort to make your manuscript absolutely shine!


Please feel free to email Stephanie for more information and to request a free sample edit. She generally charges per word, and she can offer you a quote after the free sample has been completed!


Thank you for considering Stephanie Elliot for your editorial needs!

To schedule your free sample edit, email: stephanieelliot@gmail.com


"Stephanie was a superb editor. She did several rounds, which included time on the phone discussing changes so that the novel was as strong as it could possibly be. Stephanie is smart, fast, kind, and clear. She helps to shape the work without changing the essence or imposing on the work. I love her. Seriously. Great person, great editor." Kathleen Shoop, award-winning author of The Last Letter and Love and Other Subjects

"Stephanie was professional and thorough. She took the time to make sure the sentences flowed effortlessly, and her suggestions elevated the story." Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, NYT best-selling author, Wine Hard, Baby

"I have worked with Stephanie on eight novels, and she has been beyond amazing to work with. She is honestly the reason I had the courage to publish my first novel. She is knowledgeable in all things publishing and a true professional. Her suggestions are not only helpful, but also thought-provoking. She truly wants to help you and see you succeed. She encourages follow-up conversations and supports writers throughout the entire process – not just editing, but also marketing, networking, and publishing. She is there for you at all times and will promote your work even after her job is done. In hiring Stephanie, you are not only gaining a great resource in the publishing community, but also a lifelong friend." J. Nathan, author of Until Alex, Since Drew, For Finlay, For Forester, Before Hadley, Kozart, Treyton, You’re the Reason

"Think you don't need an editor? Think again! Stephanie catches the smallest of errors with her thorough editing and proofreading prowess. She makes my books shine!" Amy Sprenger, author of Yes Mommy! and Baby Bumps

"Stephanie was fast and comprehensive, and really took my own vision and applied it to her editing style. She was very responsive and immediately answered any questions I had. Her extensive notes also described why she suggested changing a particular piece, and I appreciated her insight that helped me become a better novelist." Selena Larson, novel forthcoming

"Stephanie Elliot has the ability to see the 'not so obvious' and use her insight and perception to identify loose ends – to identify the holes in a story, and bring an otherwise incoherent message to fruition. But most importantly, I found her unbridled support for her author to be exemplary and inspiring. She truly is a diamond in the rough and I personally don't know what I'd do without her." Cecilia Marie, ghostwriter

"I really appreciated how communicative Stephanie was. I appreciated that she asked questions as she worked through the story because that helped me see where I needed to make things more clear and where detail might be lacking. As someone who usually avoids phone calls, it was incredibly helpful when she encouraged us to speak on the phone because it enabled me to hear from her and to be able to have a discussion about potential changes, making it feel like a collaborative effort. I would absolutely recommend Stephanie, particularly if I knew that they were also new to the editing process. While Stephanie was blunt and didn't beat around the bush with her edits, I always felt like she appreciated the work that went into the story. This was my first time working with an editor and it was a great first experience. Stephanie was such a pleasure to work with, and I hope we will work together again in the future!" Jacqueline Gualtieri, author of The Diamond Rebellion


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